“Optical Bliss Shot a video for our Nomads show. It is amazing! He is very professional and is the end product. The video truly captures the feeling, colors and mystery of the    moment. Thank you Jason! the promotional video continues to get us performing gigs!”            

- Leilainia

“You made our promo video such a huge success! Thanks for the hard work you put in; the final  product blew me away.”

- Teresa

“Great video! His filming, along with his advanced editing skills and very creative graphic designs make one delicious recipe for amazing eye candy!  Thank you Jason!”

- Katya


“Jason’s  integral part of this creative project, showed his amazing Vital Spark of Directorship. 

He captured my private vision, and the completion of his work sculptured a unique way of looking at Flower Art.  Thank you so much for your enormous patience and understanding.”


“Jason truly went above and beyond our expectations. The style and content of the video was impressive right from the opening credits. Jason created a time capsule of love and fun that my family and I will cherish for ever. Great Job!!!”

 - Angel Velez (Groom)

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